St. Michael's Brewing Company

Emerald Coast Beer History

Spearman Brewing Co.

Pensacola, FL 1935 - 1964

The Spearman Brewing Company was a brewery located at 1600 Barrancas Avenue.

It opened May 181935, shortly after the end of prohibition, and was a member of the Florida Brewers' Association, which was founded April 61934. It was popular among local military personnel during World War II.  Owner Guy Spearman, who also owned the Crystal Ice Company, allegedly became attracted to the industry after touring a brewery in Mexico. The Spearman slogan was "The Pure Water Does It."  

The brewery closed in 1964.


More history of the Spearman Brewing Company can be read in this article written by Drew Buchanan with The Pulse. 

McGuire's Irish Pub & Brewery

Pensacola and Destin 1989 - Present

The original McGuire's opened in 1977 and installed brewing in 1989. It is Florida's oldest brewpub.

Recent History

Up to - 2022

Recently the Florida craft beer industry has started to soar.  The growth is perhaps a little behind in comparison to other craft states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, etc.  However, in mid 2022 the total number of licensed breweries in the state of Florida had risen to 428 in comparison to 161 in 2015. 

As of November 2022, from Destin west to Pensacola, there are 24 licensed craft breweries on the Emerald Coast.